About ShareCor

ShareCor is a Louisiana Limited Liability Corporation, formed effective January 1, 2001.  The LLC is a partnership split 50/50 between the Metropolitan Hospital Council of New Orleans (MHCNO) and the Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA).  ShareCor is the shared service organization for both organizations. ShareCor aggregates the buying power of its member hospitals to obtain preferential pricing from vendor partners for healthcare services.  ShareCor has an exclusive endorsement of Intalere as our group purchasing organization for supplies.

The ten-member Board of Representatives for ShareCor consists of the president of the LHA and the Executive Director of the MHCNO, plus four appointed hospital member CEO’s from each organization.  Most hospital members of MHCNO are also members of LHA.  ShareCor currently operates in the sub-leased office space of the MHCNO.

ShareCor is your source for innovative and cost effective programs and services that will assist you to improve your bottom line.  We work with hospitals to aggregate statewide demand for particular needs and work to obtain preferential pricing and/or value added services from targeted partners.  We are targeting programs and services typically outside the scope of your current group purchasing organization.

ShareCor provides several services through joint ventures:

Louisiana Health Information Network: ShareCor provides the ability to share UB-92 patient information, in a HIPAA allowed method for use in quality monitoring and benchmarking, strategic planning and marketing, and physician benchmarking.  

LA Credentials, LLC:  ShareCor provides a physician credential verification services that obtains source documentation at a low flat rate for appointments and an even lower rate for re-appointments.

ShareCor also has partners who provide a wide range of services.  Please visit our web site at www.sharecor.com to find out more.  ShareCor is owned and controlled by hospitals. Our Board of Representatives has directed staff to think outside the box and that no idea is too wild to be considered.  We are open to any program or service of interest to multiple hospitals.  Please contact Mike Mouisset at 504-837-6266 for more information.  

History Prior to ShareCor:  The predecessor to ShareCor was a corporation named Southeast Louisiana Hospital Service Corporation (SLHS) which was established June 29, 1978 by the Metro.  The organization operated as a group purchasing cooperative for New Orleans hospitals.  In July of 1990, LHA purchased a 1/3 share of SupportHealth, the combined group purchasing organizations of the Mississippi Hospital Association and the Alabama Hospital Association. LHA used this asset to partner with the Metro and purchase 50% of SLHS.  The name of corporation was changed July 30, 1990 to Support Louisiana Hospital Service Corporation (SLHS) and LHA became an owner at this time. In 1994, SupportHealth, now including five state hospital associations (MS, AL, LA, TX, and FL), was sold to Amerinet/Vector.  Amerinet, ShareCor’s exclusive GPO, pays each hospital association a percentage of the administrative fees for their state’s book of business.  SLHS was dissolved and all assets transferred to ShareCor January 1, 2001.